The Mosque Clock

This series is reworked from the original made in 2003 for the AIPP [Australian Institute of Professional Photography] Victorian Division 'Australia Day Trophy' where participants were asked to document their day [January 26th] in 24 images. I am the proud owner of the most kitsch alarm clock on the planet, gifted to me by friends who had spent some years domiciled in Dubai. Instead of having a conventional ring, the alarm when activated, gives the Imam calling the faithful to prayer. I had always intended to participate in the competition, but as of sitting down to breakfast that morning I had not formulated how I could approach the project when out of the blue it came to me. I would document my day with the timeline set by the clock's appearance in each image. I furthermore set myself an extra challenge of shooting the whole project on a single roll of 24 exposure colour negative film. Of course, I had to recreate the three starting frames, but apart from that the images are sequential in real time. Thematically I had often joked about not being recognised in the twice annual Australian Government Awards, so that seemed a good idea to structure the project around. Satire is indeed a wonderful thing as I was awarders an Order of Australia Medal [OAM] in the Queens Birthday Honours in 2017. The Mosque Clock is a nod to one of my favourite artists, Duane Michals.