Love Letters from China

Back in 2016 at the time it seemed like a potentially good idea when I signed up to a Chinese online dating site. In the wash-up It ended up being a somewhat less than successful diversion, and five years on I am still not totally sure if it was a total scam or just a lucrative business plan. Who knows if messages either way are translated faithfully, or are instead made up by the dating site to encourage ongoing involvement. As a frequent visitor to that country I have found Chinese women to be far less forward than some of the messages I received over that time would leave one to believe. And while I still have a collection of snaps, mostly of very low resolution [but hey, that’s why God gave us photoshop!] and text messages from that period, the pandemic lockdown has made it opportune to share some of the highs and lows of my cross cultural fruitless love experience with you*

*nb - language warning for Mandarin speakers - some of the texts are adult in nature.