By way of explanation, I live locally in an area that is akin to a Bermuda Triangle for communication. Mobile signal?! …forget it. Sometimes if I stand in the middle of the road with phone in the air perchance the verification code that is required for me to get into the back end of some crucial software will have winged its way through cyberspace, but it never arrives……’difficult terrain around Lyonville’ as I was once told many years ago by a Telstra technician! But I digress. For the past few years I have had a relatively stable television signal, but a month or so ago it started going haywire. ‘No signal messages’, pixelated drop outs, squelching and popping audio that sounded like banshees wailing [or at least how I imagine banshees would wail!] So I replaced my antenna. Replaced my masthead amplifier. Replaced my coaxial cable and connections. Cut down a couple of tall bushes that had encroached the vertical space from whence my television signal once came. The only stable signal I could get was the Nine Network, and who in their right frickin mind would want to watch the Nine Network? But otherwise, depending on the climactic conditions, tv watching was pointless - 5 seconds of picture, 30 seconds of pixellation, 20 seconds of warning message ‘no signal, check your cable’

Except, always looking on to make the best of a bad situation, it occurred to me that some of those pixellated images looked quite interesting, so I set up my camera on a tripod and started to photograph the screen. The result is this suite of images, which may have the appearance of hours spent with Adobe Photoshop and under the influence of drugs. But no, these are pretty much images straight out of the camera with the barest modicum of manipulation. Of course the edge rebates are courtesy of Snapchat, and all the images have been rotated from horizontal to vertical, and the central area of the frame has been changed to grayscale to mimic the focussing screen on the back of my camera, but otherwise, these images are what the camera saw.